Following the Program

Cell phone talkin’ clones in their automobiles
are traveling to their destinations.
Images of stuff they want to buy
flashing little blazes in their minds.

Consumers fuel the economy
forever feeding corporate greed.
Until we’re chained by endless debt
and captured in an endless net.
We’re Following the Program.

So you get up and go to work today
and when you’re there you’ll do just what they tell ya.
It’s a viscous cycle that we ride
we’re drowning in a rising tide.

You do what they say because you’re just
too afraid to tell them to Fuck Off.
Like a little robot in a cage,
a cage that’s made out of your brain.
You’re Following the Program.

When we get born they teach us stuff designed to
enslave us all our natural lives.
Vampire multi-nation corporations
will just replace us when we die.

You all be nice and play along.
Rewards for every feeble pawn.
Don’t change too much, keep things the same
We need your spirit to be tame
and Following the Program.
©AcousticSky Music 2014


Blue bursts of sunlight

Blue bursts of sunlight hung from leafy branches. They used to be spirals. They used to be skeletons. They used to care but then they mutated. Diving into pulsing oceans to dance with solid sand and shifting waters. Half-melted asphalt flows toward open spaces. In the midst of light, nocturnal secrets caution themselves then laugh with hypnotic condensation. Traveling deeper into the sky. Dancing silence shimmers. Its movement bends me. The faintest essence of music blossoms across unfathomable distances. Caught up in alien rhythms, i unfold and circulate. Stars. Chills.

The uncertainty is exquisite. It germinates in the release of anything that is molded. Concepts are definitions by their very nature.

Blue bursts of sunlight release me from self-created prison walls that confine my potential. In every action of life, everything that we do boils down to just one choice. Live within our dwellings, our shells, our mental constructs, or obliterate them.

Circadian Sheep Herder

Long ago, water evaporated from my soft warm skin. It wisped its way into the air, spiraling and cycling on a journey into the unknown. My skin became barren, stark desert sand and rock baking in blistering solar radiation. Time shifted drastically, flinging itself into reverse as one event after the other began to unwind. The scene went backwards, tilted sideways, shifted into another gear, and then simply shut off. Within total blackness was the most dazzling invisible rainbow. Chaos began to percolate through my barren skin like laundry detergent foaming in the midst of agitation. Those bubbles each contain an infinity of occurrences. My existence rocketed through space and time. I evaporated. I am no longer here. I have disappeared yet somehow I am much closer to the heart of the universe. No longer pulling the weight of external supermarkets, I loosened my load and began to fly.

Flying through empty spaces, I became fulfilled with nothing but pure, unadulterated emptiness. I am reincarnated evaporation. I am soil. I greet reality with a heart that bleeds fire. Whatever I was is a ghost of whatever I will be. Seasons dance in my veins. I make love to clouds. Some of my best friends are spiders. I am energy pulsing through bursting empty spaces between an ever-changing flow of molecules. Its infectious. Its opening. I jump into a canyon for the joy of feeling my bones explode into a billion shards of light when I hit the ground. I am defined by fluent emptiness within which I find absolute fullness.


Tripping over the lantern
Darkness floods in
Dancing with illusions
and Bursting cloned balloons

Step away from the wall
Shaking hands with a tree
So weary of repetition
Slaying your personal dragons

Mind-numbing chatter
Brings us to our knees
While oblivion waves its space
Behind blue eyes

Diving into emptiness
Brings me into fullness
Losing myself
and finding what’s important


He awoke to raindrops softly smashing into the fabric of his mottled tent.  Each mesh of water and fabric was a ripened plump.  He felt the water in his skin as he lay there, halfway in between sleep and waking.  An animal stirred.  This isn’t the best way to recover, he mused, but then shook it off with a flippant motion.  Soft wooded colors bled through apron strings and molded themselves into plastic scenery.  Very slowly, dank inspired air wafted across his ancient sensory neurons.  They inspired dreams.  He fell back into sleep.

The city was on fire with color.  It wasn’t the seventies.   The occasional horn beeped as car exhaust swirled from current to current.  He was walking.  He was always walking unless he grabbed a ride on a bus.  The city is his home now even though he has never lived there.  Contemplative extensions softly rustled external memory.  It bloomed like decaying knotweed, growing wild in the back yard.  He went away.  Blistered sidewalks crumbled and cracked under continual bombardment of undulating sweltering solar radiation.  Invisible footsteps echoed within the walls of his skull.  Amorphous fashion statements emerged and vanished fleetingly as outlines of shimmery effervescent colors glided through his hair.  Hot blazing sun became his mantra.  He melted into it.  Breathe in, solar mystery.  Breathe out, tomb.

Between every incredibly vast expanse, a million stories emerged.  They unfolded, weaving into coherent blood.  As he walked hot city streets, his transistorized cell receptors tuned into billions of stations.  Every story that he heard had already been told.  He knew this.  He knew that in order to evolve he needed to evolve.  So he loosened his grip.  The people that he knew left him, one by one, in no particular order.  Silent noise continued to pound against his skull.  Slicing it open with a chain saw, his non-existent brain turned in its grave.

Skeleton time.  His bones inherently recognized the trail.  Without thinking he continued to glisten, his dew-drenched shoes laughing at the moon. His footsteps echoed off of marble floors and solar walls.  Transparent mistakes evaporated into darkened kernels of hopeful water.  Mirrors began to intertwine with his reflection.  He felt time stand still, holding its breath for one beautiful frozen moment.  Within the briefest gasp, eternity unfolded.  His soul opened as drainage flowed slowly at first, then gaining strength.  One by one, his molecules clicked away happily at this turn of events.  Of course you are allowed to free yourself, he acknowledged.   He loosened his clavicle from its pedestal.  It began to operate on a different frequency.  He nodded confidently.  Like an ocean, he began to swell, ebb, pulse, and evaporate.