A skeleton reaches forward, grabs an invisible collection of organic molecules, and brings them to its teeth. The third tree on the left smiles. Clouds lift themselves into the earth as towering mountains slow down and settle into the gorgeous night sky.

Card-dealing robots in a luxuriant chamber clink and whistle. Human sludge wonders if it will be on time. Its so shiny here. The light reeks. So many are attracted by the light. It is the very essence of entrapment. Electromagnetic waves are projected at a frequency that entangles the frequency of neurons. Consciousness becomes enmeshed in the projected electromagnetic web. Mass control, programming, ambivalence, castration. Light, one of the most liberating energetic forces, is used to entrap the only we thing we have – our awareness.

Television is a classic example of this but television just mimics real-life processes. This process is evident in the “real world” via nationalism, fundamentalism, liberalism, conservatism, ad nauseum. The belief system is frozen, entrapped, in one rigid position. Just as awareness becomes entrapped by the flashy colors on TV.

In the very depths and midst of insidious entrapment birds are singing. Current of air circulate, dance, and slip into each other. The planet vibrates in its own rhythm, dancing its way across the universe. So much beauty, so much anguish. Ethereal cycles slip between our fingers but not our souls. A lack of vision does not mean that one cannot see. We are unfathomable quandaries. Liquidity freezes, then cuts itself into sharp shards. Embedded in deep darkness, unknown ethereal light etches its influence. This permeates infinitesimal gaps where kernels of opportunity hibernate.

i choose to dive into hibernating kernels of opportunity. to access their energy and ride it into the future…