Voltan Rainbow Bridge 028
When i fall apart my mind becomes a cat in a tree
I saw a bird that flew away and yeah, of course, it was me
When i spoke the truth to myself i felt rather scared
As the blade of grass got more green i wanted to care

So i got myself lost in space but the space was me
Struggling to find where i am and how i can break free
Freedom ain’t nothing that feels like some kind of chain
Nothing’s so free as the sun. It still shines behind rain.

Now i’m aware of my faults, there’s a claw in the sand
It fell off of some lost creature who died when i ran
i ran to a place where i left my bones on the ground
Came back to find that my mind was no longer around

Now i guess i’ll go anywhere out under the moon
Candles are lit over there. I picked up a broom.
Swept all the dirt from my life sometimes i know why
I heard that echo bounce off a cliff as i looked
©AcousticSky Music 2014