Jennings April Fools Day 041a
In the briefest click, time came to a

The fabric of reality split instantaneously.

A tiny sliver ripped open,
exposing spaces
that are hidden and embedded
within the insane existence
that we call reality.

Sensing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I launched myself into the seething sliver. Turbulent currents tore my body apart. Every interaction that i ever experienced broadcast itself in a shrieking graphic simultaneous symphony. Exquisite pain ripped my body into pieces. Every molecule exploded with release from the bonds that had united them into a cohesive organic being.

Psychic electricity.
Quantum non-linear rainbows.
Frothing chaos.
Sparkling ignition.

In a fleeting glimpse.

In between the cracks
that defined my existence.

I plunged in so deep that i never returned.