Cell phone talkin’ clones in their automobiles
are traveling to their destinations.
Images of stuff they want to buy
flashing little blazes in their minds.

Consumers fuel the economy
forever feeding corporate greed.
Until we’re chained by endless debt
and captured in an endless net.
We’re Following the Program.

So you get up and go to work today
and when you’re there you’ll do just what they tell ya.
It’s a viscous cycle that we ride
we’re drowning in a rising tide.

You do what they say because you’re just
too afraid to tell them to Fuck Off.
Like a little robot in a cage,
a cage that’s made out of your brain.
You’re Following the Program.

When we get born they teach us stuff designed to
enslave us all our natural lives.
Vampire multi-nation corporations
will just replace us when we die.

You all be nice and play along.
Rewards for every feeble pawn.
Don’t change too much, keep things the same
We need your spirit to be tame
and Following the Program.
©AcousticSky Music 2014