Blue bursts of sunlight hung from leafy branches. They used to be spirals. They used to be skeletons. They used to care but then they mutated. Diving into pulsing oceans to dance with solid sand and shifting waters. Half-melted asphalt flows toward open spaces. In the midst of light, nocturnal secrets caution themselves then laugh with hypnotic condensation. Traveling deeper into the sky. Dancing silence shimmers. Its movement bends me. The faintest essence of music blossoms across unfathomable distances. Caught up in alien rhythms, i unfold and circulate. Stars. Chills.

The uncertainty is exquisite. It germinates in the release of anything that is molded. Concepts are definitions by their very nature.

Blue bursts of sunlight release me from self-created prison walls that confine my potential. In every action of life, everything that we do boils down to just one choice. Live within our dwellings, our shells, our mental constructs, or obliterate them.