Long ago, water evaporated from my soft warm skin. It wisped its way into the air, spiraling and cycling on a journey into the unknown. My skin became barren, stark desert sand and rock baking in blistering solar radiation. Time shifted drastically, flinging itself into reverse as one event after the other began to unwind. The scene went backwards, tilted sideways, shifted into another gear, and then simply shut off. Within total blackness was the most dazzling invisible rainbow. Chaos began to percolate through my barren skin like laundry detergent foaming in the midst of agitation. Those bubbles each contain an infinity of occurrences. My existence rocketed through space and time. I evaporated. I am no longer here. I have disappeared yet somehow I am much closer to the heart of the universe. No longer pulling the weight of external supermarkets, I loosened my load and began to fly.

Flying through empty spaces, I became fulfilled with nothing but pure, unadulterated emptiness. I am reincarnated evaporation. I am soil. I greet reality with a heart that bleeds fire. Whatever I was is a ghost of whatever I will be. Seasons dance in my veins. I make love to clouds. Some of my best friends are spiders. I am energy pulsing through bursting empty spaces between an ever-changing flow of molecules. Its infectious. Its opening. I jump into a canyon for the joy of feeling my bones explode into a billion shards of light when I hit the ground. I am defined by fluent emptiness within which I find absolute fullness.