He awoke to raindrops softly smashing into the fabric of his mottled tent.  Each mesh of water and fabric was a ripened plump.  He felt the water in his skin as he lay there, halfway in between sleep and waking.  An animal stirred.  This isn’t the best way to recover, he mused, but then shook it off with a flippant motion.  Soft wooded colors bled through apron strings and molded themselves into plastic scenery.  Very slowly, dank inspired air wafted across his ancient sensory neurons.  They inspired dreams.  He fell back into sleep.

The city was on fire with color.  It wasn’t the seventies.   The occasional horn beeped as car exhaust swirled from current to current.  He was walking.  He was always walking unless he grabbed a ride on a bus.  The city is his home now even though he has never lived there.  Contemplative extensions softly rustled external memory.  It bloomed like decaying knotweed, growing wild in the back yard.  He went away.  Blistered sidewalks crumbled and cracked under continual bombardment of undulating sweltering solar radiation.  Invisible footsteps echoed within the walls of his skull.  Amorphous fashion statements emerged and vanished fleetingly as outlines of shimmery effervescent colors glided through his hair.  Hot blazing sun became his mantra.  He melted into it.  Breathe in, solar mystery.  Breathe out, tomb.

Between every incredibly vast expanse, a million stories emerged.  They unfolded, weaving into coherent blood.  As he walked hot city streets, his transistorized cell receptors tuned into billions of stations.  Every story that he heard had already been told.  He knew this.  He knew that in order to evolve he needed to evolve.  So he loosened his grip.  The people that he knew left him, one by one, in no particular order.  Silent noise continued to pound against his skull.  Slicing it open with a chain saw, his non-existent brain turned in its grave.

Skeleton time.  His bones inherently recognized the trail.  Without thinking he continued to glisten, his dew-drenched shoes laughing at the moon. His footsteps echoed off of marble floors and solar walls.  Transparent mistakes evaporated into darkened kernels of hopeful water.  Mirrors began to intertwine with his reflection.  He felt time stand still, holding its breath for one beautiful frozen moment.  Within the briefest gasp, eternity unfolded.  His soul opened as drainage flowed slowly at first, then gaining strength.  One by one, his molecules clicked away happily at this turn of events.  Of course you are allowed to free yourself, he acknowledged.   He loosened his clavicle from its pedestal.  It began to operate on a different frequency.  He nodded confidently.  Like an ocean, he began to swell, ebb, pulse, and evaporate.