A skeleton reaches forward, grabs an invisible collection of organic molecules, and brings them to its teeth. The third tree on the left smiles. Clouds lift themselves into the earth as towering mountains slow down and settle into the gorgeous night sky.

Card-dealing robots in a luxuriant chamber clink and whistle. Human sludge wonders if it will be on time. Its so shiny here. The light reeks. So many are attracted by the light. It is the very essence of entrapment. Electromagnetic waves are projected at a frequency that entangles the frequency of neurons. Consciousness becomes enmeshed in the projected electromagnetic web. Mass control, programming, ambivalence, castration. Light, one of the most liberating energetic forces, is used to entrap the only we thing we have – our awareness.

Television is a classic example of this but television just mimics real-life processes. This process is evident in the “real world” via nationalism, fundamentalism, liberalism, conservatism, ad nauseum. The belief system is frozen, entrapped, in one rigid position. Just as awareness becomes entrapped by the flashy colors on TV.

In the very depths and midst of insidious entrapment birds are singing. Current of air circulate, dance, and slip into each other. The planet vibrates in its own rhythm, dancing its way across the universe. So much beauty, so much anguish. Ethereal cycles slip between our fingers but not our souls. A lack of vision does not mean that one cannot see. We are unfathomable quandaries. Liquidity freezes, then cuts itself into sharp shards. Embedded in deep darkness, unknown ethereal light etches its influence. This permeates infinitesimal gaps where kernels of opportunity hibernate.

i choose to dive into hibernating kernels of opportunity. to access their energy and ride it into the future…

Exit strategy

i got off the bus and walked several blocks towards the station. City sounds percolated like bubbling java. Car horns. Little splashes of conversation. Creaking wood inside of ancient buildings. Swirls of dust. Licensed activity. State-sanctioned lights designed to control traffic. Breath. Food odors. Buzzing insects.

I swallowed my illusion and walked through glass. There was no turning back. I had run out of options. It used to be so easy. I could pretend that things were okay. I joined the club, wore the clothes, shaped and molded myself into one of them.

Did i really do that? Did i really give away everything that i was in order to become what i wasn’t just so that i could be engulfed by alien orifices, my juices nourishing the machine, as it plunged daggers into my heart?

Uh, yup.

The guy behind the counter looked at me and cracked open a wry grin. He knew my story before he ever set eyes on me. He knew that the souls who walked through the station and hopped the train to infinity were never going to return.

As i begin this journey, i know that beyond the safe confines of everything that is known one can find everything that is unknown. its dangerous out there. no guideposts, no boundaries, no map. pure unbridled potential.

Death walks hand in hand with rebirth. I’ll take them both.

Shadow song

Shadows are calling.
They turn inside out and slip between everything.
i feel them writhe inside of me
turning the knife,

Grappling with what’s left of my sanity
i dive into the shadows.
Searching for a ghostly spotlight,
finding swirling mist that laps upon my shore
so alone
so unknown

Eternity screams
in soul-splicing anguish
Ghostly messages bubble up from
dark organic mud.
My body knows this
It registers beneath my cells
Vibrating my atoms
and sending my spirit
into astral oblivion

In a matter of eons,
a split-second shatters
into an infinite number of possibilities
and bleeds into vast empty spaces.

if you care to look,
that’s where you’ll find me…..


Niagra Falls 053
Hieroglyphic confusion slams its
chatter blend mask.

entangled briers
monolithic thorns
scraping, breaking
injecting mischief.

bleeding on my synergy
rotting vegetation calls out
come save me
from myself

but No one answers

The night bleeds silently

Stars whirl and scream

Cascading waves of probability
etch their spirits
into long-gone breezes
that disintegrate
every impulse
every thought
every action
seething, pulsating, unlimited

Spider Silk

Some people run on beef.
I run on spider silk.
Weaving my way through furrowed fields.
Surfing in cyclones,
Circulating energy,
Dreaming of freedom.

Dying every moment so that I may live more fully.
Eclipsing earthworms with the utmost respect.
Chaining my limitations to a railroad track and
Obliterating them with atomic force.

I am casual
I am alien
I scoff at convention
and tear holes in the fabric of my reality.

I don’t know where I’m going
I do know where I’m not going.
and for the moment
that’s enough.


Falling into Winter 2010 001a
in harmony
with unknown rainbows,
pollinated flowers,
the rhythm of the sea
pulses its way
into my heart.

to a place
that doesn’t exist
it does
and then the moment
into infinite

opening doors
bleeding light into
exquisite magic
and rainbows that vanish
as i wander through
where quaking shadows
point the way


Blackberry Nov 2011 008a
Underlying uncertainty weaves itself into strange patterns.
We do not care. Our shields are transparent.

They shine across the galaxy. Accelerating towards escape velocity, magnetic pulses infuse with infinite information and the sentient awareness that is embedded in the fabric of the universe. Unlimited potential oozes out of every space in between space & time. The energy is revolutionary and embodies transformation incarnate. It is available to all who seek to tune in.

I haven’t yet figured out if the fact that most people choose to ignore this is sad or irrelevant.


When i was a senior in high school my buddy committed suicide. He drove his car down by the river to one of the most beautiful places around and blew his brains out. It absolutely devastated all of us who knew him.

A decade or so later, my life fell apart. I dove head-first into deep depression. Things got pretty shaky for a while. I was a homeless wreck. I was desperate. The pain i felt was so intense that I could not bear it. I began to give serious thought to committing suicide. This was terrifying. I couldn’t deal with the overwhelming turmoil and i began to lose my grip on reality.

I was hallucinating maniacal skeletons dripping blood and screaming at me. I could not get away from them. They were everywhere. They mocked me, screamed at me to slice my wrists, urged me to climb rusty fire escapes and plunge my body off of a 12-story building. I was wandering the streets babbling incoherently. A stranger led me to a crisis center. They talked with me for a few minutes. For my own safety, I was locked up for more than a month. I scammed my way out, knowing that once they let me go, I had to die.

But i had children. And for a while, the only thing that kept me alive was visualizing them at my funeral and trying to pick up their shattered lives after I was gone. No matter how much agony I was in, I couldn’t do that to them. My love for them was too strong. Because I couldn’t not do that to them, i had to figure out how to live. I had to figure out how to work my way through my deep depression and be a source of light.

I spent the next year and a half in out-patient treatment programs. Digging into everything and confronting the patterns and sources of what was dragging me down. This process has become a part of my life, something i work on every single day.

Going through those days was terrifying but I wouldn’t change a thing in my life. I needed to trash and burn all kinds of shit that i allowed to fester inside of me. Nearly killing myself was how I accomplished that.

Emerging from that dark place was the beginning of a new cycle.

I understand all too well why people kill themselves and how incredibly difficult it is to overcome the magnetic whirlpool of suicide. I’m just very glad that I did not make that choice. There are two ways to get through that pain and depression. Live or die. I chose life.

I rewrote my story and changed the ending from a tragic suicide that left children without their father to what it is today. Things have morphed, shifted, and changed into a magical blend that oozes transformation.

This is for those of us who have chosen the path of
Working through our pain
Transforming our lives
Becoming free of what burdens us

We know who we are.
We cultivate extreme paradigm shifts.
Stagnation is a form of death.
Transcendence comes by removing blockages.
We dismantle them
and move towards freedom……………


Voltan Rainbow Bridge 028
When i fall apart my mind becomes a cat in a tree
I saw a bird that flew away and yeah, of course, it was me
When i spoke the truth to myself i felt rather scared
As the blade of grass got more green i wanted to care

So i got myself lost in space but the space was me
Struggling to find where i am and how i can break free
Freedom ain’t nothing that feels like some kind of chain
Nothing’s so free as the sun. It still shines behind rain.

Now i’m aware of my faults, there’s a claw in the sand
It fell off of some lost creature who died when i ran
i ran to a place where i left my bones on the ground
Came back to find that my mind was no longer around

Now i guess i’ll go anywhere out under the moon
Candles are lit over there. I picked up a broom.
Swept all the dirt from my life sometimes i know why
I heard that echo bounce off a cliff as i looked
©AcousticSky Music 2014


Jennings April Fools Day 041a
In the briefest click, time came to a

The fabric of reality split instantaneously.

A tiny sliver ripped open,
exposing spaces
that are hidden and embedded
within the insane existence
that we call reality.

Sensing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I launched myself into the seething sliver. Turbulent currents tore my body apart. Every interaction that i ever experienced broadcast itself in a shrieking graphic simultaneous symphony. Exquisite pain ripped my body into pieces. Every molecule exploded with release from the bonds that had united them into a cohesive organic being.

Psychic electricity.
Quantum non-linear rainbows.
Frothing chaos.
Sparkling ignition.

In a fleeting glimpse.

In between the cracks
that defined my existence.

I plunged in so deep that i never returned.